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How to Find Forgotten WiFi Password in Windows

Find Forgotten WiFi Password:- Passwords are set one time on users account whether it is online website based or offline windows or software based. Once the password is saved by the software the next time it will auto-complete the field to save the user’s time and daily hectic of work sometime leads to users forgotten… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S8 Caller ID Keeps Stopping – Solution

Samsung Galaxy S8 Caller ID Keeps Stopping:- Galaxy s8 is said to be one of the best and top rated smartphone that samsung company has launched till now. Stunning looking design, remarkable specifications and updated technology the s8 smartphone has everything which a latest smartphone should have but best smartphone does not mean that you will… Read More »

25 Most Used Opera Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Opera Browser Keyboard Shortcuts:- Opera browser offer two types of shortcut keys functions first is single-key shortcut which is by default inactive and second is multiple shortcut keys that required more than two keys to activate a shortcut command which is by default active on almost every browser. If you just want to type on keyboard… Read More »

25 Most Used Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts:- Did you like to work on a fast pace environment? If yes then keyboard shortcut is one of the most convenient method for you to save your time and to complete your work fast. Internet explorer provides various shortcut commands on its browser which let its users to quickly finished their work… Read More »

How To Unblock a Website using Chrome Extension

How to Unblock a Website:- Do you want to unblock a website using your chrome browser? Well you can do that by using a chrome extension. There are alot of website on the internet which are country specific and won’t allow other country users or IP users to access the website and show some error… Read More »

How To Block a Website on Every Browser

How to Block a Website:- Do you want to a block a website on every browser?. Well there are lot of software on the internet that might do the trick for you but most of the software i use to block the website is either paid or some software show ads on the computer which… Read More »

How To Copy Content From Copy Protected Website

Copy Content From Copy Protected Website:-  There are lot of website on the internet that let you copy the content from there website but there are some information website that don’t let you copy their content for future reference so you will have to visit the website again and some webmasters will also do this to… Read More »

Free Ways to Download Udemy Course Videos

Download Udemy Videos :- Are you struggling to download your course video from udmey but still find no success now don’t worry because today i am going to share the information on how you can download your course video files from Udemy for free. Before moving on to the method i must tell you that this… Read More »

Changing Profile and Cover Picture on Facebook

How To Change Profile Picture on Facebook:- A Picture displayed on your facebook profile represent your personality and attitude. A wrong picture uploaded on profile picture might end up losing a lot of your good friends so choosing a picture for your profile is little bit difficult task but once you choose you are ready… Read More »

Setup VPN on Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 XP and Vista

Setup VPN on Windows:- Do you want to know how to setup or configure your own virtual private network (VPN). Do you want to use vpn services without installing any third party software or services on your computer? If you want to setup or configure your own virtual network without use of any third party… Read More »