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How To Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Android

Enable Developer Options:- Hello fellows do you want to know how to enable developer options on your android device? Well in this guide i am going to explain how you can access developer option and USB debugging on your android 4.2 or upper device. Hmmm what if my device has android v4.1 operating system? Well if… Read More »

How to access or boot in safe mode – Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10

How to boot in safe mode on Windows 7,8,8.1,10:- Is your computer is infected with virus? Does your computer is automatically booting during the windows logon process? Well don’t worry because in this article we will cover information on how to get rid of many operating system based problems using safe mode but first let’s… Read More »

SONY C6903 Hard Reset, Factory Reset and Unlock Code

SONY C6903 Hard Reset :- There are plenty of possibility where we need to hard reset our smartphone weather it could be some of sort of malware program in device or phone may be stuck on pattern lock. We just simply need to push the buttons according to given structure then the device will go into boot mode where… Read More »

Deleting Chat History Permanently From Facebook Messenger

How To Delete Chat History from Facebook:- Whenever a facebook user chat with other registered facebook person a history of his chat has been recorded above the messenger box. That history is saved on the facebook server so it could be very long depend on your conversation with friend. The last time when i am accessed… Read More »

Step By Step Guide to Change Boot Order in Windows 8

How To Change Boot Order in Windows 8:- Does your windows 8 laptop or pc is infected with virus? Do you want to format or reinstall your PC windows again? If yes then your first step towards reinstalling windows is changing the boot setting to CD/DVD/USB or any other kind of external storage media where window setup… Read More »

Free Software To Check Internet Usage Monitor and Statistics

Internet Usage Monitor:- Does you internet service provider offers you limited internet access? Does you want to know how much data has your internet has consumed this with statistics and graph well the don’t worry because in this post i will provide you the information related to a software which is free and it will monitor your internet… Read More »

Step by Step Guide on Disabling Facebook Email Notifications

Disabling Facebook Email Notifications :- You probably have alot of friends on facebook and they have send you messages and photos during the day while you working, been with other friends or sleeping. You cannot be on facebook every-time i know that but while you are not on facebook those message or post has been marked as… Read More »

How To Accept or Reject all Facebook Friend Request at Once

Accept or Reject Facebook Friend Request:- As a facebook users you might have receive tons of facebook request from other some of them you known and some are random users. A facebook girl user or a celebrity user might deal with this scene everyday where more than 99+ friend request has been shown at the notification… Read More »

How to Turn Off Facebook Chat – Solved

Turn Off Facebook Chat:- Facebook chat is a window that appeared on right hand side of the page when you log-in to your account. On that window you can see a list of your friends with some number like hours and min appeared right next it and on some friends you will see a green… Read More »

DuckDuckGo Search Engine Review – Is it Safe or Not?

DuckDuckGo Review:- Currently there are more than 230 search engines on the internet which are being used by the users to looking for the solution of their problems. The most used search engines in today are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and couple of search engine who are chasing around those giant search engine. One of those chasing… Read More »