Now Watch Youtube Videos Offline On Android Devices

Youtube Offline Android News:- Great news for youtube lovers now user can watch offline videos through their android devices or smartphone. On 11 december 2014  youtube has announce that it will provide videos to view offline but with a limited time frame of 48 hours. Currently the service is provided in India, Indonesia and Philippines and soon will provide in different country soon. so how it works lets have a look on how videos on youtube offline for android devices works.


Youtube Offline Android

A special icon appear on the right side of the screen to download the videos. if the user click on the tab a pop up screen appear in which user can download the videos in multiple resolution like 480p and 720p. After the download of the videos the user online have permission to view the video within 48 hours. youtube has also consider for advertiser adds appear before the videos now the adds in offline videos will also shown and the analytic data of ads will be given to server when the user is back online.

Youtube Current Stats

Currently the youtube stats for india user and contents are:-

  1. There are 60 millions users in country
  2. More Than 10,000 indian films added
  3. There are 2.5 lakh song to be listen online

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